The negative effects of an unhealthy smile

The Negative Effects of an Unhealthy Smile

Issues such as an infected tooth or a large cavity can cause patients to experience severe discomfort. It can cause pain throughout the day, impacting your ability to concentrate at school or work. It can keep you from being able to get a good night’s rest as well. An infected tooth is not suitable for your oral health and can be a condition that jeopardizes your life. This is why the team at Eastlake Family Dentistry in Chula Vista, CA strongly encourages patients who are experiencing toothaches or other problems to call their dental team right away for an appointment and evaluation to determine the case of the issue.

What does an unhealthy smile cost you?

A smile with disease, decay, or infection can have a serious effect on one’s oral health—and the entire body. These issues can result in the loss of gum tissue, bone, or teeth that are irreversible. Additionally, patients who have an infection in the mouth and do not address the problem right away may be putting themselves at risk of having the bacteria spread through the bloodstream and to the vital organs of the body, including the heart and brain. Problems associated with this include organ failure, sepsis, and death. Patients must take note of any changes in their smile that may indicate a problem that requires attention from their dental team.

Preventative dentistry is often the best approach to keeping the smile healthy and reducing the cost of dental work in the future. An unhealthy smile can result in problems that require expensive treatments to address. Instead, if patients visit the dentist every six months as recommended and take good care of their smile between appointments, they can reduce the risk of experiencing disease, decay, and infection that can impact the smile and body.

How bad teeth can negatively affect your mental state

When patients have a severe toothache, it can be near impossible to work or sleep. This can result in fatigue that can increase one’s risk of depression and anxiety. Taking a proactive approach and calling the dentists at Eastlake Family Dentistry is the best choice as soon as problems, pain, or changes occur. Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of many dental issues can restore the smile’s health faster and reduce the expense of intensive procedures that might be done to address a dental problem.

What should I do if I suspect I have an infected tooth?

In many instances, the pain that occurs with an infected tooth happens during the later stages of the infection. This means that time is of the essence to restore the patient’s health. As soon as an infected tooth is suspected, a phone call to Eastlake Family Dentistry is essential. We can make a same-day appointment to evaluate the patient and address the problem at hand. Early diagnosis and treatment will increase a patient’s chance of restoring their smile—and body—to health. Avoidance of toothaches and other problems in the smile can significantly increase one’s risk of severe and life-threatening situations.

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