Obtain a Smile that Lasts a Lifetime with Dental Implants

Obtain A Smile That Lasts A Lifetime With Dental Implants

If you need to restore missing teeth, you may be overwhelmed by the various options available to you. Drs. Michael Foust and Dr. Joshua Parfitt DMD of Eastlake Family Dentistry in Chula Vista, CA work with patients to help them evaluate their options and find the tooth replacement treatment that best fits their needs. For many of our patients seeking restorations that last a lifetime, our team may recommend the placement of a dental implant.

What are dental implants?

Our dentists at Eastlake Family Dentistry describe the dental implant as a replacement for a tooth, especially as a replacement for the natural tooth roots. The implant itself is placed into the bone of the jaw just as natural teeth are. This allows the jawbone to support the implant as a strong foundation for dental restorations such as dental bridges, dental crowns, and dentures. The implant is made of titanium, a metal used for many implants and replacements in the body, thanks to being biocompatible. An implant is a versatile option that might meet the needs of many of our patients.

Why should I choose dental implants?

There are many dental implant benefits that patients will consider when choosing these restorations. Working with an experienced professional to determine if dental implants are appropriate for a patient’s unique needs is key to finding out more about these restorations. Below are just a few of the reasons why patients will choose dental implant restorations:

• Dental implants are long-lasting and can remain in the mouth for many decades
• Dental implants are covered with porcelain restorations which maintain a natural look to the smile
• Dental implants support natural bone through osseointegration
• Dental implants are more substantial and durable than removable alternatives such as full and partial dentures
• Dental implants are a desirable investment as they last many years

How do I learn more about the dental implant process?

Patients considering dental implants may want to take the time to speak to the team at Eastlake Family Dentistry about what is involved in the process. The entire process begins with a consultation appointment. During this visit, the dentist in Chula Vista evaluates the patient’s smile and checks to ensure they have sufficient jawbone to support the implant if placed. Patients might take this time to compare dental implants with other restorations to make sure they are making a knowledgeable choice. Once patients have determined that they want to place dental implants, they will schedule an appointment for oral surgery. During oral surgery, the dentist places the implant into the jawbone and suture the soft tissues. After the bone has wrapped around the implant, typically within a few months, the implant itself is then restored. The dentist will place a porcelain restoration over the implant’s abutment to finish the process.

How do I care for my dental implant?

Dental implants may fail if the natural bone surrounding them begins to shrink. This can happen if a patient has late-stage periodontitis. Maintaining the dental implant requires patients to treat it just like their natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly are the best ways to keep implants in place and avoid loss or damage.

Learn more about dental implants in Eastlake

If you want to talk to a dentist about why you should choose dental implants, Drs. Michael Foust and Dr. Joshua Parfitt DMD can assist. The office is located in Chula Vista, CA at 890 Eastlake Parkway, Suite #201, and can be reached to book an appointment by calling (619) 421-2828. Our team is open to new and returning patients who visit our Village Walk Medical Center facility.