How to Deal with Dental Anxiety?

Sedation Dentistry in Eastlake

At Eastlake Family Dentistry, we know that dental anxiety can cause patients to avoid seeing the dentist as necessary. However, it is vital that patients visit Drs. Michael Foust and Dr. Joshua Parfitt DMD every six months for cleanings and evaluations. When dental work needs to be completed, patients with dental anxiety can ask us about sedation dentistry, which allows patients to feel at ease before and during their dental appointment. Learn more about dental anxiety and the benefits of sedation dentistry.

What is dental anxiety, and what causes dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a feeling of anxiety or uneasiness when thinking about visiting the dentist’s chair. Many things can cause dental anxiety, including bad experiences in the past, fear of needles or pain, or simply not knowing what to expect at the dentist. Others may feel anxious about having someone else in their “personal space.”

What are the symptoms of dental anxiety?

Symptoms of dental anxiety can include feeling very nervous or scared about going to the Eastlake dentist, sweating, heart racing, shortness of breath, or even feeling like you might faint.

How is dental anxiety treated?

Dental anxiety is more common than you may realize. It can make it difficult to visit the dentist. Many people with dental anxiety feel very nervous or even scared about going to the dentist. They may worry about pain, needles, or other aspects of dental care. Dental anxiety makes it hard to get the dental care you need, leading to problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

However, if you have dental anxiety, there are things that can be done to help make your experience at the dentist more comfortable. Drs. Michael Foust and Dr. Joshua Parfitt DMD can talk to you about your concerns and explain what will happen during your appointment. They may also offer options like sedation dentistry, which can help you feel more relaxed during your visit and deal with the anxiety that keeps you from getting necessary dental work completed.

How to deal with dental anxiety

At Eastlake Family Dentistry, we understand that for some of our patients, getting into the office for necessary dental work can be stressful and scary. This is why we offer sedation methods for patients who visit. These includes the administration of nitrous oxide or the use of our oral conscious sedation methods.

  • Nitrous oxide. This method of sedation, also referred to as “laughing gas,” is a popular sedation method that is used for patients of all ages. This gas is odorless, colorless, and is administered via a mask over the nose. It provides almost immediate relaxation for patients, allowing them to feel at ease while our dentists are performing their treatments. Patients feel at ease yet are awake to answer questions. Nitrous oxide is reversed quickly in the office with the administration of oxygen, allowing patients to get back to their day without long-term effects.
  • Oral conscious sedation. Alternatively, patients may ask about the use of oral conscious sedation. This is the use of a prescription medication that is taken prior to the appointment to help put a patient at ease. Patients using this method of sedation will need to arrange transportation to and from their appointment as they cannot drive while under this medication. Oral conscious sedation is most appropriate for patients with more moderate to severe anxiety issues.

Learn more about sedation dentistry in Eastlake

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